Stephen Falkner

Kansas City, Kansas USA

Sifu Falkner started Wing Chun in 1983 with SiFu Duncan Leung, his only Sifu. Within a year SiFu Leung sent him to Hong Kong and Taiwan so he could see how Wing Chun was practiced there. While in Taipai, Taiwan he lived with Sibok Lo Man Kam (Yip Man’s nephew and early student) and his son Gordon Lo. He started going with SiFu Leung to help him teach seminars in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.


Over the years he has taught, trained and/or fought in Canada, Taiwan, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, as well as Hong Kong. He had his own school in Norfolk, Virginia, were he taught civilians as well as military (Seal Teams 2 and 4), as well as police. In addition, he also taught women’s self defense classes. In 2003-2004 he joined SiFu Leung in the school in Panyu, China, were he lived and taught 6 hours a day, 6 days a week for one and a half years. He was SiFu Leung’s Main Instructor and handled the training and school while SiFu Leung was away.