Henry Araneda

Victoria, Australia

SiFu Henry Araneda was born in Sydney Australia and began his martial arts training at a very young age achieving Black Belt ranks in various styles.


He immigrated to Chile South America during the 90’s with his family. He was introduced to Wing Chun by his Hung Gar teacher Li Hon Ki in Brazil. SiFu Henry returned to his homeland Australia in 2001. He has continued his Applied Wing Chun training, traveling extensively to Hong Kong, USA, Switzerland and up to three times per year to China staying for months at a time to train under the guidance of Applied Wing Chun founder SiFu Duncan Leung who has become his mentor.


In 2004, he founded the Ultimate Martial Arts Academy located in Melbourne Australia, where he teaches Applied Wing Chun full time and has produced many champion students.


SiFu Henry has been featured in various publications such as local and international newspapers; he has written several articles for magazines such as Blitz Martial Arts magazine and has appeared on TV performing Applied Wing Chun demonstrations.


He has hosted and assisted SiFu Duncan Leung in seminars both in Australia and South America.


In 2009, award winning movie director Wong Kar Wai hired SiFu Henry as a wing chun consultant and stunt double for his leading actor Tony Leung (who portrays our late Grandmaster Yip Man) in his film The Grandmasters. During this project SiFu Henry worked alongside legendary fight choreographer Yuen Woo Ping, Hong Kong actor/action director Master Lau Kar Yung and shared fight scenes with UFC fighter Cung Le and Chinese film star Zang ZiYi.


  • SiFu Henry is a founding member of the International Applied Wing Chun Federation.
  • Certified Instructor under The China Foshan Martial Arts Association.
  • Certified Instructor under The International Martial Arts Alliance.
  • Graduated In Sports Methodology and Planning for Martial Arts Competitions, course provided by Shorin Ryu Karate Do Chilean Association.
  • Qualified Martial Arts Instructor certificate issued by Colonel A. Benavente.