Florian Walter

Winterthur, Switzerland

1971 Born in Winterthur, Switzerland.

1988 Started to learn Applied Wing Chun in Winterthur.

Since 1994 Learning directly from SiFu Duncan Leung.

1996 I went to Greece for 3 months to teach for SiFu Duncan Leung.

Since 2000 I own my school in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Since 2003 I joined the intensive fighting training in China every year.

2006 I had a personal fighting Training with SiFu Duncan Leung for 3 months and after fought in Bangkok on King’s Birthday.

Since 1996 I accompany SiFu Duncan Leung on many shows and seminars all over the world.

Since 1990 I fought many Thai boxers, Kick boxers and had one MMA fight.