I was first introduced to Wing Chun in 2003, and from that moment I decided that it was a style that worked with my personality. Between 2003-2011 I trained with many teachers. In 2011, under the recommendation of Josh Shaw, I went to train in China under SiFu Duncan Leung. While there, SiFu Duncan began to talk to me about how to teach.

Once I returned to Virginia Beach, I was regularly asked to assist SiFu Leung in training students that would come from overseas. During this time, he would continue to show me how to teach and what he expected of those that instruct Applied Wing Chun.

In late 2014, I began teaching Applied Wing Chun. My doors are open to those that wish to work hard and learn. I teach as I was taught and wish to live up to the standard set by SiFu Leung and the rest of the Applied Wing Chun Family.

For any information please email me at appliedwcvb@gmail.com